Can manubes users request technical support?

Our support team is available to all manubes customers for technical challenges of any kind. With urgent requests in particular, you benefit from our short response times and a high level of problem-solving expertise.

What are the system requirements for manubes?

manubes is run in a high-performance cloud environment which is provided by us in its entirety. Acessing and operating the manubes platform only requires a web browser. The fail-safe and secure connection of local production systems to the manubes cloud is enabled by...

Does manubes receive regular updates?

manubes is constantly being further developed. We provide our customers with regular updates to ensure and improve the security, usability and functionality of the platform on a permanent basis.

Does manubes offer a free trial?

Yes, we provide you with the opportunity to test manubes for free. In order to get access to your personal test environment, please visit